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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I install a font?

Instructions for installing fonts (written by the folks at Adobe) for both Windows and Mac can be found here.

How do I access opentype features such as swashes and alternate glyphs?

You can find information about accessing opentype features here (Adobe) and here (PDF Download).

Is commercial licensing available?

Yes, please refer to the 'licensing' box on each font page, for the current licensing terms. You can view sample licenses there, as well.

What is commercial licensing?

Commercial licensing (sample license here) allows you to use Lost Type fonts in situations where the typeface is used for commerce, including projects like logos advertising campaigns, printed goods, websites, software, e-books, etc.

A commercial license allows you to provide font files to third parties such as printers as long as they agree to use the font exclusively for your project. It also allows you to modify the font as long as it is not redistributed.

What is personal licensing?

Personal licensing (sample license here) allows you to use Lost Type fonts for work that doesn’t include a monetary benefit to any party. This includes (but is not limited to) school, personal, and non-profit projects. If you’re unsure if your project falls in this category, ask: Am I being paid for this work? Is there monetary benefit for my client as a result of this work? If the answer to both of those is no, the project likely falls in this category.

Do you offer Webfont licenses?

Yes, all of our commercial licenses provide the user with the rights to use the font on a single website.

How does non-profit licensing work?

We approve non-profit licensing on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to send us a message with some details on your non-profit and the typefaces you'd like to use.

What file types are included in the download packages?

Our download packages are either .otf or .ttf (Open Type or True Type) format, and are always compatible with both Windows and Mac. Some download packages also include Webfonts for your use. If the download package you purchased does not include Webfonts but you’d like to use them, please contact us using the form above and we may be able to provide them to you.

How do I get more than 100 seats?

If you're interested in licensing a typeface for more than 100 users, please shoot us a note using the contact form above and we can discuss.

Who are you?

We are a group of Type Designers, Graphic Designers and other creative people from around the world. We are dedicated to the idea that quality fonts should be made available to anyone who wants to create an individual piece of characterful design. We also maintain a list of contributors here.

Do you do speaking gigs?

Yes! We regularly speak at conferences and events about our individual stories, as well as our collective experience with Lost Type. If you're interested in contacting us regarding an event, please feel free to use the contact form above.

Do you have more fonts coming soon?

Our contributors from around the world are constantly working on new additions to the collection. Typefaces take an awful long time to make! We announce new release via email, and you can sign up here:

I have designed a typeface, how do I submit it?

Feel free to send us either samples of the typeface in use, or actual working font files. We receive quite a few submissions so please allow some time for us to get to yours, but we will reply as soon as possible.

I'm interested in collaborating, can I contact you?

Absolutely. Shoot us a message and tell us about what you had in mind!

I used your fonts on a cool project, how can I show you?

We love seeing how our typefaces are used. Feel free to contact us using the form above with a link to the project online, and tell us a bit about it.